R.O.P.E.S Bungee-Training is an easy to do, functional and fun training concept with the use of the Bungee Duo Trainer or the Bungee Single Trainer. It gives you the ability to do workouts with a constant focus on core in addition to challenging your endurance, speed, coordination and strength – where the whole body is involved!

In Bungee-Training, several different training principles are combined in a new way. With the Bungee Duo Trainer you exercise a lot of different qualities from fast/strenuous motion for the partner that is in motion to focusing on being an anchoring and motivational partner for the person not currently in motion (which can be strenuous enough by itself). With the Bungee Single Trainer you have the possibility to train on your own or on your personal level within a group with big physical differences, making it possible for many to share a common experience of Bungee-Training!

BungeeTraining is especially suitable for sports where you need fast motion and high intensity. If you want to have an effective cardio and interval training Bungee-Training is perfect for you! In addition Bungee-Training is suitable for exercising synergetic strength that combine, for example, upper body with core.

Bungee-Training can be used in group training, team sports, personal training, by athletes or in therapy. Having a partner, instructor, personal trainer or trainer in sports will motivate you to keep up the intensity, frequency and momentum of your training while keeping control and working with good technique and quality in the exercises – but it does not limit you from training on your own!

Bungee-Training can also be done individually by attaching the Bungee Duo or Single Trainer to a door, a hook, a post, a tree or similar physically fixed items – and as always when you are “solo” you need to motivate yourself to go “the extra mile”.

Advantages of Bungee-Training:
                              • Easy to get started
                              • Uncomplicated functional training
                              • The level of difficulty/amount of muscle power needed to do each exercise is easily adjusted by the athlete
                              • You can exercise strength, balance, motor skills, speed, suppleness and fitness/pulse
                              • Core training helps prevent injuries
                              • Provides good support in positions when you need it the most, and solid resistance when you want to improve
                              • When working in pairs; correct motions, motivate and cheer each other (effectively becoming a ‘Personal Trainer’ for each other)
                              • The fact that you are training in pairs will teach you to give your partner corrective feedback
                              • Training in pairs is fun and inspiring, it creates a very good mood and increases your stamina
                              • Can be used both indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions
                              • Suitable for all people – regardless of age, gender, physical condition, fitness level etc.
                              • It´s small, light, easy to bring along and takes up very little space in your home
                              • Low cost and no additional investments needed apart from what you already have

See exercise videos on our YouTube channel


See exercise videos on our YouTube channel