R.O.P.E.S Circle


R.O.P.E.S Circle is circle training re-thought where we use Bungee-Trainer, slings and slide pads. This is a group-training concept that suits fitness, sports and therapy. The concept is based on well-founded circle-training interval principles, and follows up on new ideas and thoughts confirmed through research.

We all have done circle training at some point – where exercises and remedies are used more or less randomly. Circle training is often characterized by ”a little of this and a little of that” – usually based more on training culture or training habits (we´ve always done it this way!) than on a professional thought out methodology.

R.O.P.E.S Circle is based on a qualitative approach to performing exercises in a circle training where it is possible to individualize and adapt to the needs of the target group / individuals on every step of the way.

Through R.O.P.E.S Circle, we use the best of the various training remedies and concepts we have developed and combine them into a modern form of circular training:

  • Bungee-Training
  •  Sling exercise
  • Slide pads

Check out our ROPES Circle intro video on YouTube