FACT – Function And Control Training


Methodology for rehabilitation of function and control of movement patterns – and

how to use grading of a motion from small to large loads in a Rehab- / rehabilitation program.

The FACT-course looks at how functional training can be used in rehabilitation.

The course is designed for therapists and sports teachers/scientists, and provides an introduction to what is contained in research and best practice around functional training exercises to restore normal movement patterns


The course features :

– Disorders of the neck, shoulders, back, hip, knee, etc

– How exercise can prevent and treat disorders

– Review of rehabilitation and training principles

– What research results show

– And what is best practice

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R.O.P.E.S. Foto: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt

Some of the approaches to the course are:

– Combined movements versus isolated movements

– Relief and load eg using bungee

– Training in standing / lying / sitting positions

– Training on stable / unstable surfaces

– Training unilateral / bilateral

– The base surface function

– Active mobilization


Åsgårdstrand 20130404. Oppdragsfoto for Olav Rafoss torsdag formiddag. Foto: Vegard Grøtt

R.O.P.E.S. Foto: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt

The course includes a workshop where participants get to try to analyze movement patterns, consider performing exercises, facilitating the use of various tools, establish rehabilitation programs, demonstrate this for the other participants, analyze and give each other feedback, etc.
This workshop and training lasts for six hours.


The course is led by:


Atle Hole Sæterbakken,1 Professor at the Institute of Sport at University College of Sogn og Fjordane in Sogndal, – and


Olav Rafoss, physiotherapist and manual therapist in private practice in Åsgårdstrand, and founder of R.O.P.E.S AS


Åsgårdstrand 20130404. Oppdragsfoto for Olav Rafoss torsdag formiddag. Foto: Vegard Grøtt