FACT – Functional & Controlled Training


This is a workshop where we provide a thorough review of what exists in research and “best practice” around functional training. The course is especially aimed at health practitioners or sports therapists and coaches that work with training and rehabilitation.

What is really functional training and when will it serve you best?
Some of the approaches we use are:

  • Training on stable / unstable surfaces
  • Exercise in standing / lying / sitting positions
  • Exercise unilaterally / bilaterally
  • Core training
  • Active mobility
  • Mastering skills a step at a time
  • Synergy and compound movements versus isolated movements

The course starts out with a review of what is documented about these themes, and then we move into a practical workshop that will show you how we can grade training in relation to the movement pattern we want to train. The wow factor from enabling the most difficult movements in a simple way will make you want to call your most difficult patients to see what effects you can get yourself by using these methods…