R.O.P.E.S Balance Bar


R.O.P.E.S Balance Bar gives you increased instability in your sling and bungee training. This gives you significantly better effect on simultaneously exercising your core muscle group.

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Balance Bar is used as a stand alone product for doing for strength exercises such as chin ups and pull ups. In addition it is a perfect product to combine with R.O.P.E.S Slings and Bungee cords. Used together with the R.O.P.E.S Sling and Bungee equipments the Balance Bar gives you a new dimension to your workout = instability! By attaching the Sling or Bungee cords in the R.O.P.E.S Balance Bar you get left hand/right hand instability compared to fixed mounting, which in turn gives an increased difficulty level in your workout and a much more efficient training of the core muscle group.


Please look at our YouTube introduction video to see the effect of adding instability by using the ROPES Balance Bar: link to YouTube

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