R.O.P.E.S Bungee Therapy


Bungee Therapy is perfect for rehabilitation giving individual relief training for strength, balance, mobility and motor skills. The cord is very suitable as an ergonomic tool in therapeutic treatment environment.

SKU: RO-010

Product Description

Bungee Therapy is used by therapists to help patients who need support in their exercises. R.O.P.E.S Bungee Therapy provides good support in positions when you need it: it gives you the most resistance where you are the strongest and least where you are the weakest, thus giving you an optimal resistance throughout the range of motion.


Bungee Therapy comes with two levels of resistance: The medium cord has high resistance and is best suited for adults. The light cord has less resistance and is best suited for children, elderly, people undergoing rehabilitation and those who want less resistance.


Bungee Therapy is suitable in combination with other R.O.P.E.S products that are also suitable for therapeutic treatment, such as Pro Line, Racktive, Hip Sling and Slanted Board. An advantage is that you can use Bungee Therapy in small treatment rooms / areas – and in relief care for patients as home treatment.


Bungee Therapy is delivered with a DoorBag. This is a strong nylon bag that is to be used as a door anchor, making it easy to workout anywhere. Attach the Bungee cord to the webbings of the DoorBag with the carabiner, place it over the door (between the door frame and the door), close the door and you are ready to start your workout! R.O.P.E.S DoorBag ​​also makes it easy to unpack, store and carry the product while traveling. The kit consists of a Bungee cord (80 cm) without handle, 2 carabiner hooks and DoorBag ​​for storage.

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