Sling training


Sling training is a concept derived very much from a cross between gymnastics and therapy. Traditionally it has been an individual exercise tool, and of course, still is!

However, a group-training concept with slings, where both the Black Line and the Pro Line sling can be used, is very effective and motivational. It creates a great work out atmosphere and is especially good applied in “small groups” (8 people and less). The intensity in the training that can be achieved harnessing the “group strength and inter competiveness” while at the same time giving the group instructor enough time to give individual feedback is something we see a lot of people wanting to do again and again!

Sling training can give you a really good strength session in a very short amount of time! If you want you can also combine the sling training with Bungee-training to get your pulse up!

Combine our slings with the R.O.P.E.S® Racktive Gym racks directly mounted in the ceiling/wall or free standing on the floor. This will give you a flexible space where it is easy to pull the slings in and out whenever needed, making the area underneath available for other activities when the slings are not in use.

Our slings are also suitable for outdoor use.


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